2a. Chemical Biology


NOTE: The Chemical Biology unit was offerred as a Coalition kit during 2006 and 2007 to biology teachers to support Delaware Science Standard 6 (Life Processes) and Standard 8 (Ecology). Because Standard 8 is not assessed by the Science DCAS, this unit is no longer offered as a Coalition training. Some of the activities in Chemical Biology support the Delaware Content Standards. Teachers are advised to align the Science Standard with the activity before using the activity in class. The summative assessments and KUDs for this unit are the same as those for Chemical and Cellular Basis of Life. Teachers are not expected to teach both Chemical Biology and Cellular and Chemical Basis of Life.

Student Guides:

Activity 4: Photosynthesis and respiration

Activity 5: Cell Structure and Function

Activity 6: McMush Lab

Activity 7: Energy in food

Activity 8: Mechanical and Chemical Digestion

Activity 9: Investigating Enzyme Action 1

Activity 10: Investigating Enzyme Action 2:

Activity 11: Using Bubbles to Explore Cell Membranes

Activity 12: Diffusion through Membranes Lab - using Vernier Probes

Activity 12: Diffusion through Membranes Lab--without Vernier Probes

Chemical Biology Materials List

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