1. Energy Across Systems


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Energy Across Systems Standards Crosswalk Document Summative Assessment (embedded in the curriculum map)

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Extreme EnergyThis is an episode of Season 4 of the Universe, a series featured on the History Channel. This episode, which aired November 10, 2009, gives a comprehensive explanation of how energy is conserved in the universe through transfers and transformations.

Simulation--elastic potential energy of a spring

Jaime's Mishap With Bus #314student guide (teacher guide to follow). This set of activities is adapted from an earlier Science Coalition training, Force, Motion, and Mechanical Energy. This unit relates forces and energy transfer during a car collision to acceleration and Newton's Laws of Motion.

NOTE: Jaime's Mishap With Bus #314 has not been aligned with the revised Delaware Science Content Standards. Teachers who wish to use these activities during instruction are advised to identify the desired standards first, then choose which activities support those standards.