The Science Curriculum Council

The Science Curriculum Council is a membership of teachers of science from each school in Red Clay. The Curriculum Council system will establish a continuous process to ensure alignment of the Red Clay Consolidated School District curricula to State and District adopted content standards and improve student performance. The Curriculum Councils and Curriculum Cabinet are the decision making process used for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development (CIA-PD).

Science Curriculum Council Members: 2012-2013

Co-Chairs: Edward McGrath, Supervisor of Science
Michelle Burrows, Richardson Park Elementary

Cadre: Karon Massado, Science Specialist
Board of Education representative: Faith Newton

Elementary Schools

Beth Loughrey, Baltz
Robin Thompson, Forest Oak
Erica Appleton, Heritage
Kathy Gormley, Highlands
Partricia Tate, Lewis
Ellen Longacre, Linden Hill
Sandra Ludlam, Marbrook
Michael Watkins, North Star
Cynthia Pochomis, Richardson Park Learning Center
Ellen Shackelford, Richey
Deborah Ashton, Shortlidge
Lisa Reynolds, Warner

Middle Schools

Maureen Lipsett, A.I. DuPont Middle
Diane Zutz-Cummings, Brandywine Springs
Teren Neal, First State
Gene Jones, H.B. DuPont
Terry Neale, Skyline
John Mester, Stanton
Brian Drake, Cab Calloway

High Schools

Susan Vargo, A.I. DuPont High
Tiffany Eshelman, Central
Ernest Pappas, Conrad Schools of Science
Julia Ray, Dickinson
Pauline Carroll, McKean High

Science Curriculum Council Meetings

The Science Curriculum Council meets once per month from 4:30-6:30 pm in the library of the Conrad Schools of Science. Dates for the 2012-2013 Science Curriculum Council are as follows:
Tuesday September 11, 2012Tuesday October 9, 2012Tuesday November 20, 2012Tuesday December 11, 2012Tuesday January 18, 2013Tuesday February 12, 2013Tuesday March 12, 2013Tuesday April 9, 2013Tuesday May 14, 2013

Minutes of the Science Curriculum Council are posted on the Red Clay Consolidated School District website:
Science Curriculum Council