Red Clay List of Elective Science Teachers By School
(Including Advanced Placement Science Courses)

2012-2013 School Year

A.I. DuPont High

Annette Calibeo, Environmental Science
Vic Leonard, Environmental Science, Earth Science
Tami Soltow, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics

Kris Anania, AP biology
Sue Vargo, AP Chemistry
Chris Meanor, AP physics B

Amy Huebner, AP Environmental Science

Cab Calloway High

Ken Baker, Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science
Steve Field , AP chemistry
Reese Rigby, AP biology, anatomy and physiology
Central School
Tiffany Eshelman, Earth Science
Carmen Davis, horticulture

Conrad Schools of Science

Kathy Caligiuri, Anatomy and Physiology
John Castellaneta, AP physics B
Dana Hammaker, Anatomy and Physiology, AP biology
Brian McFarland, Environmental Science
Ernie Pappas , AP chemistry

Dickinson High

Jim Lewis, Environmental Science, Earth Science, AP Environmental Science, IB physics
Bob Karcha, AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry
Julia Ray, Earth Science

McKean High

Nicol Alexander, AP biology, AP Environmental Science
Rich Liu, AP Physics C